Preamble - Purpose

These General Conditions of Sale (CGV) are published by the company ILAN DIFFUSION, a Limited Liability Company (SARL), with capital of 50,000 euros, domiciled at 450 route de Bordenoud – 38110 DOLOMIEU, registered with the RCS under number 491 807 491. These conditions govern contractual relations with its customers and partners in the context of the sale of products available on the site .

Acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale

Customers of the site are informed that purchases made on this site are governed by these general conditions of sale issued by ILAN DIFFUSION.

The purchase of products on the site implies full and unreserved acceptance of these conditions.

The parties agree that their relations will be exclusively governed hereby.

Any modification of these general conditions desired by the customer must be the subject of a written request from him at the latest before the order and must also be accepted by the company in writing in order to be enforceable against him.

Any order placed by the customer on the site entails pure and simple acceptance, without restriction, of these general conditions of sale.

Consequently, the buyer acknowledges being fully informed of the fact that his agreement concerning the content of these general conditions does not require the handwritten signature of this document, to the extent that the customer wishes to order online the products presented within the framework of the store on the site

1. Products

has. The product offer

The products offered by ILAN DIFFUSION, with their specific features, are displayed on the website , subject to stock availability.

The company reserves the right to modify and adjust products at any time to satisfy customer needs.

It is important to note that product images are not contractual, because manufacturers and suppliers can update the presentation of their products without altering their technical performance.

In addition, technical characteristics of products may be modified by manufacturers and suppliers for improvements or to comply with new regulations. The customer accepts these modifications and waives any claim in this regard.

b. The availability of products

The products visible on the website are available at the prices and conditions offered by the company ILAN DIFFUSION, subject to sufficient stock.

With regard to products not stored in the company's warehouses, information relating to product availability comes directly from ILAN DIFFUSION's suppliers and may exceptionally be erroneous or imprecise. undertakes, in this case, to provide the customer with any additional details necessary for the smooth completion of their order.

If the ordered product is ultimately unavailable, the order placed will be automatically canceled.

A refund will be made by ILAN DIFFUSION, if the price of the order has been debited to the customer, unless the buyer decides otherwise.

2. The order

has. Information when ordering

The products available on the website are visible while stocks last. Information regarding products and orders is provided by the company ILAN DIFFUSION, and the site serves as a sales platform for these products.

The customer is required to ensure the completeness and conformity of the information validated when ordering, in particular the delivery address, bank details, etc.

The company ILAN DIFFUSION cannot be held responsible for possible entry errors and the consequences which could result from them (delay or error in delivery).

In this case, the reshipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer, who expressly acknowledges and accepts this.

b. Control of orders as part of the fight against fraud

In order to ensure the security of transactions and to combat payment fraud, the company may be required to carry out checks with a view to authenticating the transaction data.

As such, the company may invite the customer to provide any supporting documents useful for validating the order (identity document, RIB, etc.).

In the absence of transmission of the requested supporting documents, the company ILAN DIFFUSION reserves the right to simply cancel the order.

The delay in transmitting the requested documents, as well as their processing time, may delay the validation, as well as the shipment of the ordered products.

3. The price of the products

The order will only be final after validation of full payment of the price and receipt by the company.

Prices are displayed including tax.

Prices are in euros.

Prices are likely to change throughout the year, depending on external factors impacting the company's activity, but also depending on the suppliers and manufacturers of the products.

The reference price is that offered at the time of purchase of the product, the day of validation of the order and not that on the day of delivery.

No refund will be made by the company if the price of the product should decrease between order and delivery.

Conversely, the company will not request any additional payment if the price of the product were to increase on the day of delivery.

Each order is subject to delivery costs, in addition to the price of the selected products, which are indicated on the site, depending on the volumetric weight of the products ordered.

All costs are summarized when placing the order.

4. Payment terms

Orders placed on the website are processed by ILAN DIFFUSION. The information required for ordering and payments is managed by ILAN DIFFUSION.

Payments will be made at the time of ordering, by credit card, PayPal, check, bank transfer.

has. Payment by credit card

To pay for their order online, the customer has all the payment methods offered during the final validation of their order.

The national credit card, Visa card and Mastercard are accepted on the ILAN DIFFUSION website.

The customer expressly acknowledges having the rights to use the selected payment method.

An order paid in full online will be debited at the time of validation of the order.

b. Payment by Paypal

Payment by PAYPAL allows you to pay online without disclosing your financial information during the transaction.

PAYPAL payment is completely secure and the customer's bank details are never revealed to merchants.

vs. Payment by check

Payment by check is accepted for all orders not exceeding 600 euros.

The check must be issued by a bank domiciled in mainland France.

In the case of payment by check, the following procedure must be respected:

- Make the check payable to ILAN DIFFUSION SARL
- Write the order number on the back of the check
- Send the check and a copy of the buyer's identity document to the following address: ILAN DIFFUSION – 450 route de Bordenoud – 38110 DOLOMIEU.

The order will be processed upon receipt of the check and after it has been properly cashed.

The customer expressly acknowledges having the rights to use the selected payment method.

d. Payment by bank transfer

The company accepts payment by bank transfer.

The customer must ensure that they mention the order number in their transfer order.

The order will only be shipped after full receipt of the order by the company, of which the customer is informed and accepts.

The customer expressly acknowledges having the rights to use the selected payment method.

e. Assets

Credit notes issued by ILAN DIFFUSION are valid for one year following their issue.

f. Late payment

In the event of late payment or collection of all or part of the price, late payment interest equal to the interest rate of the European Central Bank increased by 10 percentage points will be due on all unpaid sums upon the occurrence of due date and without prior notice being necessary (article L.441-6 of the commercial code).

Any late payment also entails, automatically, without the need for formal notice: the payment of all of the company's debts, even those not due, as well as the right for the company to suspend all deliveries and all work in progress until full payment.

Invoices will be sent to the customer at the latest upon receipt of the products.

5. Cancellation of the order before shipping

Any order cancellation must be made to the customer service of the company ILAN DIFFUSION, via its customer area.

In this case, the company will try, if possible, to block the shipment of the order.

If, given the state of preparation of the package and/or the late nature of the cancellation, cancellation of the shipment proves impossible, the customer will be required to refuse the package upon receipt.

In this case, the customer is informed that the delivery costs will not be reimbursed in order to compensate the company ILAN DIFFUSION for the return costs incurred, which the customer accepts.

6. Shipping

Shipments of orders placed on are carried out by ILAN DIFFUSION. Delivery times and terms are managed by the company ILAN DIFFUSION.

Orders will be shipped after full payment of the product price and shipping costs.

The goods are delivered via a carrier chosen by the customer, at the recipient's risk.

Deliveries are made to a location determined by the customer.

The company ILAN DIFFUSION declines all responsibility in the event of damage occurring during transport.

The purchaser is responsible for checking the accessibility of the delivery location.

7. Receipt of the order

Upon delivery, the customer has the obligation to check the condition of the package and its contents.

The customer undertakes to be vigilant when receiving the order, regarding its verification and the detection of a possible anomaly.

The third party who receives the package on behalf of the customer is deemed to know the usual precautions and must take the same care as if he were the main recipient.

Regardless of the carrier and in the presence of an apparent anomaly (damage, missing product, damaged package, broken product, etc.), the following procedure must be followed:

- Unpack the package in the presence of the delivery person
- Enter detailed handwritten reservations by having the delivery person sign next to them.

The words “subject to unpacking” are considered imprecise and general, which the customer acknowledges.

The customer is required to alert the company ILAN DIFFUSION, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within a maximum period of 3 days following receipt of the goods, of any defect in the product ordered or failure to deliver (damage, loss).

In the event of defect or breakage of the goods, the company may order and deliver the new product, the return costs remaining the responsibility of the customer.

The same procedure must be applied in the event of refusal of the package.

8. Delivery times

Delivery of the product is generally made within approximately 2 to 4 days in France and 2 to 8 days for European countries from full receipt of payment for the order by the company.

Delays cannot be invoked by the customer to justify the cancellation of the order or to entitle the company to deductions from the price or payment of damages.

Furthermore, this deadline is communicated for information purposes only and is not valid in the event of bad weather (rain, hail, frost, etc.), force majeure (strike, flood, fire, war, etc.), natural disaster, difficulties supply, lack of labor, transport difficulties.

9. Right of withdrawal

has. Withdrawal periods

The right of withdrawal for products purchased on the site is governed by ILAN DIFFUSION, in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

The customer has a withdrawal period of 14 working days from receipt of the goods, without having to provide reasons or pay penalties, with the exception of return costs.

The withdrawal period is in all cases subject to the condition that the customer returns the new item, complete with documentation and accessories, if possible in its original packaging, at the same time as he exercises his right of withdrawal.

b. Withdrawal conditions

To be able to exercise his right of withdrawal, the customer must contact customer service by connecting to the site, after identifying the order.

The customer must then reship the package at his own expense, via the post office or the carrier of his choice.

vs. Repayment Terms

If the customer has exercised his right of withdrawal, the company undertakes to reimburse him the sum paid when signing the order, at the latest within 30 days following the date on which this right was exercised (art. L .121-20-1 of the Consumer Code).

Reimbursement will be made by re-credit system in the event of payment by credit card or PAYPAL, or by check in other cases.

10. Reservation of title

All products given to the customer in execution of the contract remain the property of the company until full payment of their price, all costs and taxes included.

The risks (loss, theft, deterioration, etc.) relating to said products are however transferred to the customer upon their delivery, as is the obligation to repair any damage they could cause to property and people.

11. Guarantees - Responsibilities

The company does not grant any automatic contractual guarantee.

The company can only be held liable towards the customer when the goods delivered do not conform to those ordered.

Complaints, including for lack of quality, conformity or quantity, will be deemed admissible if they have been sent to the company within three days of receipt of the goods, in accordance with the procedure provided for above.

In the absence of a complaint within the prescribed deadlines, the materials delivered will be deemed to be of good quality and quantity and conform to the needs of the buyer.

The company's liability in matters of quality, conformity or quantity defects is limited exclusively to the replacement of the goods or their reimbursement under the conditions provided above, to the exclusion of any other compensation.

The company may always prevent a liability action by bringing it into compliance or by replacing a defective or non-compliant product, it being understood that the company does not accept any return of goods without having previously authorized it.

The customer has the option of returning the items within 14 working days from receipt of the goods, without obligation to provide specific reasons and without incurring additional costs.

Return costs will remain exclusively the responsibility of the customer, unless otherwise provided by the company.

Under no circumstances can the liability of the company be substituted for that of the manufacturer or supplier for defects or manufacturing defects, as well as their possible consequences.

In fact, the customer is informed that he can benefit from the contractual guarantee possibly offered by the suppliers of the products that the company has sold to him.

The warranty does not cover:

- Damage and defects caused by natural wear or external accident (erroneous assembly, faulty maintenance, etc.)
- Any material damaged after purchase.

12. Electrical and electronic waste

The company ILAN DIFFUSION is part of the Eco-system program which participates in the implementation of waste treatment.

When purchasing an electronic or electrical device, an environmental contribution is charged to the customer, in accordance with current regulations. It is entirely donated to an approved eco-organization in order to finance its recycling.

To protect the environment, the buyer must ensure collection and processing that complies with environmental rules and not throw away waste from used or broken electrical and electronic equipment with municipal waste.

13. Clearance products

Clearance products concern products which are not distributed through the traditional channels set up by the company.

These products may result from returns from after-sales service, end-of-series batches and unsold items.

The goods offered for clearance are indicated on the company's website and are offered at prices lower than the market price.

14. Applicable law - Competent courts

This agreement is subject to French law.

The company intends to favor an amicable outcome before any contentious procedure and reserves the right to call upon a legal conciliator.

15. Intellectual property - Image

The company is the sole owner of the website and responsible for all informative, technical or commercial notices contained on said site.

It is specified that the information, images, diagrams and descriptions, both visual and technical, distributed on the ILAN DIFFUSION site are for strictly indicative purposes, without being able to be considered contractual and that they are subject to modification at any time. unilaterally by the company.

Any total or partial reproduction by the customer is strictly prohibited under penalty of legal action.

16. Protection of personal data

The company ILAN DIFFUSION is responsible for the intellectual property of the site and the collection of personal data in accordance with current legislation.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, the customer has the rights to question, access, modify, oppose and rectify personal data concerning him.

By entering their email address on one of the company's sites, the customer will receive emails containing information and promotional offers concerning products published by the Company.

By adhering to these general conditions of sale, the customer consents to the company collecting and using this data for the performance of this contract and acknowledges having read the company's personal data protection policy.

The customer has the right to access and rectify information that concerns him, which he can exercise by sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the company's head office.

November 6, 2023