Choisir un vélo elliptique

Choose an elliptical trainer

Choosing an elliptical trainer: what you need to know

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An elliptical trainer is a fitness device consisting of a flywheel, pedals, movable arms, handlebars and a center console

If you are between 1.70m and 1.80m tall: a stride length of between 40cm and 50cm is considered ideal. If you are over 1.80m tall you should choose an elliptical trainer with a stride length of around 50cm or more. As a rule of thumb, choose a bike that can carry about 10% more than your own body weight. For a large size, or with a view to losing weight, we prefer a model whose flywheel weighs more than 13 kilos, in order to have better stability and greater comfort.

The choice of an elliptical is made mainly according to the objective sought (fitness, weight loss, performance development). For this, 4 criteria will guide your choice: frequency of use, fluidity of pedaling, coaching, adjustment and maneuverability.

The elliptical trainer is a rather strenuous device to use, since it works the whole body. To lose weight or lose weight, it is necessary to practice a low intensity effort over time combined with regular use. The longer the workouts, the more calories you will burn.


The elliptical trainer is one of the most common machines when it comes to fitness and works the whole body. It allows you to tone both the thighs and the calves, the glutes, but also the abdominal belt, the arms and the shoulders


The elliptical trainer is certainly more cumbersome than an exercise bike, because it is a fitness machine that works 80% of the muscles of the body. If you do not have a room at home dedicated to practice, there are nevertheless foldable elliptical trainers, with wheels, which can easily be stored vertically, in a corner of your living room for example.

To carry out effective sessions on the elliptical trainer and build your fitness program, it is very useful to know the number of revolutions per minute, in order to control the intensity of your effort.

The display of resistance or Watt is particularly part of a muscle building program. The resistance of the elliptical thus depends on the braking system. The higher it is, the more intensive the pedaling power and muscular work will be.

The practice of a sport or physical activity is essential to maintain a healthy body.


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