Un vélo d’appartement pliable

A foldable exercise bike

A foldable exercise bike, the best asset for home sports

Synerfit - the sports solution at home!

What are the benefits of riding an exercise bike?

The exercise bike is very often appreciated by its users since it allows you to practice physical activity while staying at home. Therefore, the folding bike is even more advantageous for users with little space in their home because they can store it much more easily. The foldable bike takes up very little space

Indeed, the main advantage of the foldable exercise bike is that it takes up much less space than the classic exercise bike. As the exercise bike can fold, it becomes much more convenient to store. It has been designed to be able to accommodate small spaces and easily store in a closet or in a bedroom.

It can be used easily even in small living spaces

As the latter can be stored easily, it is possible to use it much more easily. This is all the more advantageous in small spaces. It is then possible, even in a small apartment, to be able to practice physical activity. Allows to work the cardio vascular and breathing. The stationary bike reduces orange peel skin and relieves heavy legs. Riding an exercise bike allows you to exercise while protecting yourself from injury, reducing stress and anxiety. It will refine your silhouette and tone the lower limbs (glutes and thighs). To see results, cycle every 2 days, 30 to 40 minutes depending on your sport level.

The foldable exercise bike will be used both for a maintenance sporting activity and for more advanced training. Its low impact on the joints makes it accessible to all. On the practical side, the foldable exercise bike is easy to use and easy to store

Comfort. One of the main strengths of the folding exercise bike is undoubtedly the fact of being able to carry out intense physical activity in a position that is intended to be comfortable. ...

The exercise bike at medium intensity can eliminate up to 250 calories on average. Finally, the exercise bike has a very intense rhythm that eliminates more than 350 calories. The ideal time for practice is from 5 p.m., because this is the time when our body temperature is naturally higher and therefore more conducive to training. For this, a session of 30 minutes, 3 times a week is a good rate. Indeed, you will need about 13 hours of cycling per month to burn 8060 kcal and lose weight thanks to sport and your exercise bike. The more regular and intense the training, the greater the weight loss will be.

The practice of a sport or physical activity is essential to maintain a healthy body. Beyond that, it is very interesting to practice sport to relieve daily anxiety, and on a regular basis. Thus, the foldable exercise bike is an excellent solution for people living in small accommodation or who do not wish to be encumbered by a classic exercise bike. The latter can then be moved to all the rooms of the accommodation in order to practice in optimal conditions.


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