Rouleau de massage anti-cellulite 360 extensible - Modèle Exena

Anti-cellulite massage roller 360 extendable - Exena model

Optimize Your Well-being with the Exena Massage Roller

Welcome to Synerfit, your destination for healthy and active living. With years of expertise and research, Synerfit presents its exceptional range of products focused on health and wellness.

Discover the Exena Massage Roller: Your Post-Workout Ally

The Exena massage roller from Synerfit goes beyond simple massage. Designed to relax muscles and reduce cellulite, it becomes your versatile partner for optimal muscle recovery.

Maximum Versatility for Personalized Use

Thanks to its unique shape and elasticity, the Exena roller adapts to all parts of your body. Target specific areas or enjoy a full massage session, all tailored to your body type.

Advanced Engineering for Concrete Results

The structure of the Exena roller, with its well-spaced nubs, acts effectively on different muscle groups. It stimulates acupuncture points, relieves tissues and improves muscle flexibility.

Technical characteristics

  • Dimensions: 27x25x5cm
  • Composition: EVA / PP

Why Choose Synerfit?

At Synerfit, we understand the uniqueness of each workout. The Exena roller is precisely designed to meet your muscle recovery needs. Its exceptional characteristics make it the ideal choice for effective and enjoyable recovery.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Recovery?

Explore the benefits of the Synerfit Exena massage roller. Release tension, reduce cellulite and give your muscles optimal recovery. Order now and make every recovery session an invigorating experience. Synerfit - Your path to a healthy and active life. See the product


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